Thursday, June 24, 2010

talk of the town...

Hi friends!

sorry for the delay in posting. I have been busy with a number of things, and now that so many have stacked up, it's beyond what I am able to post. So instead I thought I would give a little list of what I've been up to...

-Explored Portland, ME where I ate the best PB&J in the world.
-Consumed stout in one of the best pubs in the world, in desolate Lovell, ME (see above).
-Traveled to El Paso, TX and Tacoma, WA for work. Both places I would love to return to.
-Hosted L&B for a weekend, and impatiently awaiting their permanent arrival in Boston.
-Planned out my vacation days for the rest of the year.... exciting things to come.
-Enjoying my new earrings very much.

no new apartment additions of note.


Heather said...

You have been busy! Hope you are having lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo!