Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's been a while sine I've blogged I know... I've been so busy and so much has been going on. Much to blog about. Katie thought I was over it. But I'm not- just super busy. Posts on the way so stay tuned...


Kate said...

hurry up and blog. im on vacation and mom goes to bed at 9:15. must have something to do in the evenings.

Elise said...

Good to know... I was about to leave you for dead! ;) Or at least MIA.

aaron said...

i have some ideas for possible future posts...
-Work, work, work... what I have been spending my time on
-This city is driving me crazy
-The dark corner we call home
-Shower curtain maps... a great idea
-Monuments at night
-An urban oasis and camping without a car (good idea, bad idea)
-Welcome class of 2012 to the University of Maryland
-Waiting, wanting and searching for Applebee's
-What to do when you don't have a car and have to ship 8 boxes?
-Conversations with the Dean
-Conversations with a Moral Theologian
-Conversations with a Security Specialist
-Wise Millers
-Books I have read (and carried)
-DC dwellings
-Salad recipes
-Books found on the street
-The Republican National Convention
-Reflections on the summer and myself
-Sauvignon Blanc, check it out
-Meeting another Pannella
-Things that a coffee shop should have...
-My watch
-Lykke Li
-Not grown up yet
-DC style (or lack there of)
-Jon and Hate plus 8
-Animal Planet
-Daley daily
-Art museums, the greatest hits

Kate said...

thats a lot of ideas aaron. why dont you have a blog? coming up with ideas is the hardest part. send some ideas my way some time.